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Donald Trump vs Mexican Luchador Wrestling Shirt


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Hilarious and fun Donald Trump Wrestling a Mexican Luchador Shirt.

If you want to clearly get an important point across, feel great and have people notice your unique humorous fashion AND be able to wear comfortably in any weather... then this is the most important T Shirt you'll ever purchase!

Here is your amazing new T Shirt print that helps every Fashionista stand out from the crowd and be able to wear it in just about any social gathering.

Order Now! Wear it with just about any combination of clothes!

This T Shirt will make people around you want to stop you in your tracks!

They will say "that is an amazing shirt", pull out their phones and take an Instagram photo with you.

This shirt depicts a Funny Donald Trump Caricature in a no holds barred wrestling match with a Mexican Luchador.

This is the kind of shirt that will turn heads and make everyone share a laugh with you.

This is a real EYE CATCHER.

This hand-made screen printed shirt is only available here!

Act quickly, these are LIMITED PRINT T shirts.

All Sizes available (S-XXL)

Printed on White Softstyle Gildan Shirts, making it a velvet-y feel to the hand, and a vintage style. Casual and can be worn with jeans or an open jacket and shirt.

Be the life of the party and share the laughs!

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