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Conspiracy Theorist T Shirt | Zoltar | Guy Fawkes | Anonymous


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Comfortable to wear in any weather.

Stand out from the crowd and be able to wear it in just about any social gathering.

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Based on all the things happening in 2020, what a time to be ALIVE!

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Fashionable, Funny and Ferociously Fabulous! This is a handmade Anonymous, Zoltair, Conspiracy Theorist as a prophet T Shirt made from a Silk Screen press.

It comes from a good heart, with good intention, and a good sense of humor.

Wearing this shirt is very fitting (No pun intended!)

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All Sizes available (S-XXL)

Printed on White Softstyle Gildan Shirts, making it a velvet-y feel to the hand, and a vintage style. Casual and can be worn with jeans or an open jacket and shirt.

Be the life of the party and share the laughs!

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